About Email Pursuits

Email Pursuits is all about email marketing. I created this blog originally as a way to document the various email related marketing opportunities I was exploring. I needed a place to keep notes, and wanted a way to share what I was learning by experimenting with all these email ideas, that helped with growth and monetization.

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I’ve been working with websites and web hosting for a couple of decades, and often field a multitude of related questions. Several people in my circle were particularly interested in email marketing tips and knowledge, to help improve their operations.

Publishing my notes on Email Pursuits, became a natural fit – As people could go there and get answers to some of their questions.

Email Pursuits is a great resource if you’re looking to learn more about email marketing. I share everything I’ve learned through my own experimentation and research. This way, I hope I can help you avoid some of the more difficult challenges I had,

I also share helpful tips and resources that I’ve come across in my research. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest in email marketing, this is the blog for you. You can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Email Pursuits Topics

Here are some direct links to topics, where I provide helpful things I’ve learned:

Finally, if you need to reach out to me, please feel free to use my contact page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find Email Pursuits helpful in your own email marketing endeavors!

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